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eBook – The Covid-19 crisis exit

“Did you know that the majority of people working in the City of London have not seen their office since March 2020? Did you know that Parisians, on the other hand, are currently spending almost four to five days in the office in April 2021, despite the curfew and recommendations to telework? 

These details may be known to some, but it is surprising that Europeans do not always have the same approach to the health complications of Covid-19. Very often we live in our own bubble at the time of Covid-19. It is difficult to imagine the lives of others, of those who leave every morning, as before, for their place of work, because they are carers, construction workers, supermarket cashiers, or other essential employees in times of health crisis.

Our bubble at the time of Covid-19 and the stark contrast between individuals 

We are all direct or indirect victims of Covid-19. We are subject to regulatory constraints on movement or we follow the directives of our employers, which generally lead to the confinement and merging of the workplace and family life. 

For some, life in the Covid-19 era offered an option to get away from the city and the big offices with their crammed colleagues, crowded lifts, crowded subways and long daily commutes. These people have focused their lives around their families, in the provinces, in suburban cities or in the countryside, at distances that would be unbearable for a daily commute. They have the benefit of peace and quiet, a safe place and a simpler environment, even if some of them become weary and depressed after a year of forced situation.”…

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